Business Blogging 101

Like any other business owner, you are a very busy person running your business, putting out fires, and dealing with day to day operations. Blogging is the last thing you would like to deal with at the end of your busy day. Here are a list of couple strategies to help put your blogging in-motion

Research your target keywords based on your market

One of the main first steps to start blogging with ease, is to have a list of keywords your market is using to find your business. Having this list of researched keywords (KWs) in-place will help you with following:

 – Target the right people (leads) looking to find your business online

 – Use the list of KWs to generate blog titles to over come writer block

– Identify what keywords are generating most of traffic and leads

Develop a content calendar 

Once you have researched and documented the list of KWs you are planning to target, a content calendar for your business blog will help you stay in-course and make posting a less of a challenge. My advice, stick with your content calendar no matter what and watch your traffic grow overtime.

Promote your master piece:

After finishing writing your post, it is essential to let the world know about it. One easy way to do this is to promote it using Social Media Site like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Focus on engaging your market place, respond to any replies and ask your audience to share your content with their followers.

Patients + Persistent + Discipline = Results

Blogging to generate business leads is a marathon and not a sprint. You need to be extremely patient when blogging to see results. Disciplined enough to post when you don’t feel like it. The results will come with a steady pace and good strategy.

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